Thursday, 5 January 2017

Starting Over

When I left off a couple of years ago, I had a lot of stuff left unwritten. I had ideas about follow-ups to my DFIR post, I had ideas about follow-ups to my OSSEC post and I had ideas about a series on SecurityOnion.

Really, it was the DFIR follow-ups that put a halt on my writing. I have drafts that are three years old; I don't like their tone, I don't like their message and I don't like their content. Sometimes you have to know when to throw something away

So I've decided to scrap my drafts and, yes, start over with a clean lab.

The Environment 2.0

Over the last few years I have followed the trend that so many of my favourite projects have followed -- almost everything I have now (as far as security tools and servers) is running on Ubuntu Server LTS. It's a great place to start, I like it...but I really miss the BSDs. So, for OSG 2.0, I want to use OpenBSD and FreeBSD as often as possible. A lot has changed since I stopped using FreeBSD 8.3 (including a major overhaul to the package manager!) so this should be a good excuse to jump back in.

The other big change to the environment is that I've switched laptops! I loved my MacBook Pro and I still think they are brilliant machines -- I still opt to use one at work. Recently, though, I've converted to a Dell running Windows 10 Pro and I have to say I like it. That it comes with spill protection is a huge benefit - my MacBook Pro was dealt a mortal blow by a cup of diet grape juice one night and Apple does NOT offer spill protection.

Windows 10, VirtualBox and some BSDs...what could go wrong?

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